10 Funniest Christmas Presents

I thrive on Christmas. Warm socks, hot cocoa and Christmas music somehow seem to make life fun again. At least for a few days. One of the favourite for most people on this holiday are presents! I know, Christmas is not all about presents, but they are fun and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Let’s see some funny gifts people got this holiday season!

1. Fancy some thumb wrestling?

Fancy some thumb wrestling

I must admit, this actually looks like fun. No more classic thumb game, spice it up with a wrestling  ring!


2. Relieve your holiday season stress!

Relieve your holiday season stress

Stress is a big part of our lives, so why not give your friends or family something that will take away their stress and make them feel like little kids again?


3. Know a clumsy person?3. Know a clumsy person

This just might be the right present to give to your clumsy friend who enjoys some crispy bacon. Bacon is life!


4. Don’t have a lot of money?

Don't have a lot of money?

Your kids asked for an expensive Xbox? They probably won’t be very happy with this gift, but aren’t the expressions on their faces worth the disappointment they will most definitely feel?


5. Toilet-bound?

5. Toilet-bound

Your family member likes to hijack the toilet for hours? This will give them some brain-exercise while they’re doing their business.


6. Toilet again!Toilet fun

Is the same family member annoyed every time someone is knocking on the door asking if they’re finished yet? Or worse, rudely interrupting the toilet-session by walking in? Maybe it’s time to get this.


7. I don’t want anything, thanks!7. I don’t want anything, thanks!

We all know someone with the same old answer to our “What do you want for Christmas?” question. Grant their wish and buy them nothing!


8. Grandpa is getting bald? No problem!8. Grandpa is getting bald? No problem

Just wrap this perfect present up in some sparkly wrapping paper and have a laugh with the family.


9. More requests for expensive gadgets?9. More requests for expensive gadgets?

There will be disappointment, next will come surprise, and after that… Oh well, thanks dad.


10. Kids been naughty all year?

Kids been naughty all year?

There is still something you can give them for Christmas. Maybe it will make them try better next year!


11. Let’s wrap this upBeing an adult sucks.

Being an adult sucks. Sometimes even for holidays. Just look at this! Why did I want to grow up again?

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