10 Simple Ideas for New Year Resolutions

New year is staring at us like a book with hundreds of blank pages to fill up and we all try to make new years resolutions that write love, compassion, friendship, good relationships, health and much more on those pages. Some of us make impossible promises to ourselves, either be physical or financial wise hard to achieve. This is why we gathered 10 new years resolutions that won’t hurt your bank account too much and are easy to accomplish even if you’re not in the best physical condition.

  1. Pick Up a Hobby
Did you know that having a hobby is good for you? Hobbies can lower your stress levels, boost your brain power, improve your ability to focus, and more. Therefore, in 2018, start a new hobby.

Pick Up a Hobby

  1. Eat fewer calories
With all the goodies we indulge in during the holiday season, a good new year resolution is to eat fewer calories. It’s not that hard and it doesn’t take a lot of time to check how much calories the food you enjoy contains. Let this be a step to a healthier lifestyle!

Eat fewer calories

  1. Go out more
No, we are not saying you should party every weekend. Go out and hike. Have a nice relaxing walk in the local park. Get on your bike and forget the car or bus for a few times a week. Go and see the nature around you, see the people and little streets that are on your way to work. You’ll find just how much you’re missing out on by stating at home or taking the bus to work.

Go out more

  1. Drop your phone
Don’t literally drop it, just forget about it for couple of hours per day and relax listening to your favourite music, reading the book that’s been collecting dust on a bookshelf for too long. Take time for yourself. Social media can wait!

Drop your phone

  1. Meet new people
Meeting new people not only helps reduce stress, betters mental health and overall brain activity such as concentration, but can also help you with your career. So why not go out there and meet a few new friends? It’s fun!

Meet new people

  1. Travel
You don’t have to go to foreign country to travel. Go to a city nearby you have never visited before or take a look at the old village outside your town. Discover new places and enjoy the weekend experiencing something new.


  1. Sleep
How many mornings do you wake up fresh and ready for a new day? If your answer is not many or even none, we suggest you promise yourself more sleep in the coming year! With all the modern devices and things to do over day, we like to forget how to have a good night sleep, that will fill us up with energy and enthusiasm for the next day. So, sleep!


  1. Learn new language
You spend so much time on your phone and computer yet don’t really learn anything significant over the hours spent watching Netflix and scrolling trough Facebook. Rather download a free language app and take care of your brain, communication skills and possibly also career.  New language could look really good on your resume.

Learn new language

  1. Face your fears
It’s going to be hard, but once you’re done with your fear you will feel more confident about yourself and your actions. Good luck!

Face your fears

  1. Make a difference
Become more polite and helpful to community. Volunteer, help the old lady cross the street or carry heavy bags. Give a homeless man an apple. Smile to strangers and say hello! Help a child get up after they’ve fallen if their parents aren’t close enough. Dust off your manners, find your way of getting better for the people around you and especially for yourself. If you’re not happy with who you are, it’s time to make serious changes. Better yourself! You can do it!

Make a difference

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