15 Funny Tweets About Relationships

We’ve all been there. Relationships can be the best thing in the world, but sometimes also the worst. Tweeting about ups and downs in your relationship can be dangerous if your better half finds out! Just imagine going through these images and realising it’s all about you! Want to check? Scroll down!

  1. It’s all about compromising
Or is it?

partnerships - It’s all about compromising


  1. Doing chores
Every womens  dream is a partner that does chores. But if you get constant bragging about that one chore they did, it might be better to do it yourself. Anything so you don’t have to listen to this!

Doing chores


  1. Shopping differences
Let’s admit. Us women just love shopping and there is nothing wrong with that until it turns out to be an irreversible obsession and our partners need to stop us from spending all of our money on things we don’t actually need. But what about grocery shopping? They just might have to accept the fact we are better at it.

Shopping differences


  1. Searching for his things
Ever heard the famous sentence :” where’s my (insert anything that is right in front of them)?” Yeah, me too….

Searching for his things

  1. What to eat
Girls and their food decisions… It’s really hard to pick out a certain food you want to have. Everything is just so good, it’s impossible to decide!

What to eat


  1. Privacy
Everyone likes their privacy and even if you’re in a relationship, you want to keep some things to yourself. This request however might be just a little too much.


  1. Point of marriage
Is that really it, though?

Point of marriage

  1. Keeping it warm
Not like that! Men just enjoy less hot desert-like atmosphere.

Keeping it warm

  1. Understanding each other
This probably isn’t what she had in mind, but she understood.

Understanding each other

  1. Silent treatment
It’s not nice to give it or receive it, but sometimes it would feel much better than….you know, especially if you’re a man.

Silent treatment

  1. Sharing food
Poor men…they ask, we say no, and then we eat everything they’ve ordered or made. Honestly, it’s sweet revenge for all that snoring we have to listen to at night!
Sharing food
  1. Inside jokes
Guys, no wonder the divorce rate is so high! Time to grow up?

Inside jokes

  1. Raising children
Or better, not having them at all…

Raising children

  1. Completing them
In every possible way!

Completing them

  1. Being right
Girls, we are always right. Boys, scoop over to the left!

Being right

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