Most Beautiful Mandala Art + DIY

mandala art

It’s just mesmerising and make me want to draw them all day long.

A Mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. Mandalas generally have one center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms.

Check out these beautiful Mandala art on stones and learn how to do them yourself!

What you need:
  1. Stones with at least one flat or well rounded smooth side
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Round pointed brushes with synthetic bristles
  4. Water
  5. Soapy water
  6. Protective paper
How to:
  • Step 1
Clean your stones with soapy water and let them completely dry. While they are in the process of drying, lay down a piece of protective paper on your working area.
How to make mandala
  • Step 2
Mix acrylic paint with a little water. If the paint is too thick, it’s hard to paint fine lines and round shapes. You can make sure the pain is good to go if you let a drip fall onto the protective layer of paper. If the drop is round and not completely watery, then the paint is ready. If the paint is heavy and doesn’t form a nice circular drop, you need to add more water.


  • Step 3
Take a stone and start painting a dark circle, fill it in and let dry. This is an important step to make the art stand out. Leave small edge unpainted and try to make the shape as round as possible. If you wish to make any other shape, you can paint dark hearts, stars and flowers and then fill them in. The process is the same, just pick your own style!
Make your own mandala
  • Step 4
Use bright colours for this step, for example white. First paint a bigger dot in the middle of the dark circle. Start painting small dots in the centre. Use darker colours as you approach the edge. Make the gaps between them even and dots bigger each row out to the edge. You can also fill in the bigger dots with smaller and brighter ones, make it interesting and colourful!

mandala stone art

  • Step 5
Let dry and enjoy your own stone Mandala art! It’s perfect for home decoration or garden decoration (in this case to make them last longer, top coat your stones with waterproof clear paint)
Painted mandala on the stone



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