The Mason Jar Method – Save Over 1300$

52 week money challenge

These days, in our world of instant gratification, it’s more important than ever to be able to stay focused on saving money any way you can. We always look for the saving methods to help in creating a bright future after your working life ends, or for future use. Life can make it difficult for anyone to implement successful saving methods. Between rent or a mortgage, food, and additional expenses associated with being an adult, it’s often difficult to stash a little money away for a rainy day! Embracing this saving method is crucial, and knowing the right steps to take will make the process much easier.
The Mason Jar method is simple and easy way to save up some $$$ and finally have a nice vacation or a big shopping of things you always wanted but couldn’t afford.
By having the money sit right in front of you creates more stimulation than seeing your bank account grow. Handling money in your hands will be motivational and seeing your savings grow week by week will impact you better.


How to do it?
  • Pick a start date and find a jar or similar where you’re going to put your money in
  • 1st week put 1$ in your jar
  • 2nd week 2$
  • 3rd week 3$
…and so on!
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52 week jar challenge

The plan is simple and a good way to save up your money.
Sure, by the end you will be putting away 52$ a week, but you can ease yourself into it by going slowly trough out the year. In the end, you will have a bunch of money to spend on whatever you desire, be it a nice vacation, special gift to yourself or your family and friends, new clothes or other.
Good luck!



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