New Medical Drama Series – Fall 2016

Every mom and home stayed mom know the beautiful sound of silence in the morning when everybody leaves for work and school or very late in the evening when everything has been taken care of. This is the time for some quality mommy time.
As TV and the Internet have become our best friends during the past century, there are so many interesting things that can be seen on TV or even online at the time that suits us the most. The Internet is offering many possibilities for a tired and stressed out mom to relax for a while. Several websites support online streaming by creating an account, meaning you can simply open the website and watch your favorite series, shows or movies afterward.

Medical drama series then and now



Media Entertainment provides viewers with a lot of different genres. Personally, I prefer medical series. I must say, there are a lot of high-quality medical series available to be seen online. Don´t you agree?



Every single one of us remembers one of the major turning points regarding the medical series – ER and its dashing George Clooney. However, a lot of successful medical series have followed ER since such as Dr. House with charismatic Hugh Laurie for example. Laurie is actually coming back this fall with a brand new series Chance; its premiere is going to be on October 19th, 2016.


Another medical TV show we are going to love to watch, without no doubt. This fall is going to introduce not only one but two medical dramas, already mentioned Chance and hopefully a new blockbuster Pure Genius.


Grey´s Anatomy is the next medical drama that left us breathless on several occasions and still manages to thicken the plot in each and every season as it was the opening one. The season premiere is going to be on September 22nd, 2016 just like Chicago Med.



All these series are not only entertaining but also very informative, and they often leave the viewer to dwell over certain situations that can be easily a part of our everyday life as well.

Please, feel free to share your opinion and let us know which series, TV shows or movies do you like to watch.
Remember, try to enjoy your life one day at the time and share your recipe for fulfilling life with us.

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