Mum and Baby Yoga – Try it Today

Every mom wants only the best things for her little one. Introducing yoga to a baby´s life is a bold and beneficial decision. Bringing together body and mind in a manner that balances and heals theentire human body gives a child an enormous potential for a good physical and mental health.
A whole new segment of yoga is now known as a ˝baby yoga˝. Carefully chosen techniques enable playful interaction, better communication and enhance the connection between a parent and a child. Parents become more confident which makes baby handling easier and even effortless.

Mum any Baby Yoga
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Baby yoga contains activities specially designed for babies:
Massage that includes gentle body strokes
Moves modified for babies (mini holds, twists or stretches, diagonal movements and exercises for upper and lower body)

Playful moves that include singing and rhymes
Game playing
Relaxation (experiencing joint parent/baby relaxation)
Transitional practices (beneficially affect head control, ability to sit or stand and a proper body balance)
Mum and Baby Yoga
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Baby yoga is suitable for babies and toddlers. Its methods helps with their personal development and can be easily and efficiently performed. As already mentioned baby yoga also strenghtens the baby/parent connection. In order to tale advantage of this gift, you can combine baby and mommy yoga and perform yoga exercises with your baby as shown in the video below.


Mum and Baby Yoga – Try it Today
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A littlr advice regarding the baby yoga. Perhaps you should take some time and learn aabout the yoga before starting the routine with the baby. Most babies experience tummy discomfort till the age of three months. It is probably best for the baby to introduce this playful engagement after that “critial era”. It is OK to perform yoga by yourself , just to get you out of your mommy blues until your baby is ready.



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