From paper boxes to kids toys (DIY)

So we all know, boxes are cool thing for kids… For us parents the cool thing is inside the box, especially if we bought something new.
But the great thing about boxes is that we can use them for lots of cool stuff for kids, we just need some time and creativity.

1. Kitchen is great toy to play with. Boys and girls are happy to cook meals for mums and dads, maybe for sisters and brothers too. If you already have some pots and pans at home, you just need black pen, tape and scissors and you can create the best box kitchen for your kid.
kitchen from box
2. Home garden is so cute, empty box and brown or black blanket to stuck in the box and you are almost done. Than you can cut some carrot from the felt, and some other veggies that your gardener wants to plant. Forget the water, this carrot is magical, it grows in all conditions.
garden from box
3. Every girl would have a doll house right? Isn’ t that the lowest price for doll house you’ve ever seen? Use the boxes, maybe some barbie furniture if you have one at home, and paint the walls, make the house girly and sparkly and I’m sure your girl wants to play with it all day long.
dollhouse from box
4. The hospital is simple as it can be, just some black pen and scissors and you are done!
hospital from box
5. If your kids have horses(toys of course 🙂 ) you can make home for them, or you can use any animal that will be living at your new farm, just use anything at home and your imagination.
horse farm from box
So when cold and rainy days come in your town, just use the boxes and great family time is guaranteed. Kids are so happy when we listen to them and we follow their instructions.
They feel important, and they should.

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